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Our Mission

One to One Mentoring empowers youth in San Miguel County to achieve their social, emotional, and academic potential through professionally supported mentor relationships.


"Mentoring is one of the most powerful ways to impact a turnaround in a child's life." -- Annie Johnson, San Miguel County Social Services

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Frequently Asked Question


What are the responsibilities of a mentor?

  1. First and foremost, to spend consistent, quality time with your mentee. This means meeting once a week (usually a set day agreed upon by mentor, mentee and parent), and checking in by phone if you are out of town on vacation, etc. Consistency is the key to a successful relationship. You are there to be a positive, adult role model.
  2. To make sure your mentee is safe when you are together, and safely returns home or to their next activity.
  3. To communicate with One to One staff about how the relationship is going and let us know how we may support you, your mentee and your relationship.

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